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Turner has 130 branded channels in 27 languages in more than 200 countries. Their brands include CNN, Cartoon Network and TCM and we have worked with their teams in Atlanta, Mumbai and in the UK.

When one of the most exciting and creative organisations in the world calls and asks if you can support them in their ambition to ensure that they spread innovation and creative thinking best practice everywhere in their organisationthen you know you are doing something right! They had been reading our book ‘think’, heard of our work and knew we could add something.

First on the list of their values is “Creativity”.

Creativity – Their statement on creativity:
“We thrive on innovation and originality, encouraging risk-taking and divergent voices.”

This is inspired and visionary but not always easy to deliver across the whole organisation.

Following a period of initial consultancy, thinkdesigned and delivered a programme of activities including: lunchtime learning sessions enabling people to take time to think and learn new tools, facilitation of senior leaders conversations, several power of three (Po3) workshops with Water Aid and Save the Children, consultancy and training on innovation management for their 360 degree innovation team. It is critical to Turnerthat companies within their group – IPC and all the Time Warner Companies ensure that they keep all their people at the leading edge of innovation and creative thinking skills and working with think enables them to do just that. Working with think also encouraged a consistency of skills across the different teams.

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