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Arup have offices all over the world and are they are working on many of the worlds most sustainable projects and iconic buildings.

Arup is a global independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists and think are proud to have worked with them over the past 6 years.

From the Sydney Opera House and the Centre Pompidou in Paris to the Beijing and London Olympics Arup enables the brightest and the best to create the most thrilling and amazing projects.

Their ethos is “We Shape a Better World” and we are delighted to have helped them deliver that . We have supported Arup in a number of ways from strategic training and in-depth mentoring to stimulating workshops and memorable events.

We have facilitated effective, strategic conversations at Windsor Castle with their senior leaders  enabling them to have the time and the tools to think more deeply about critical issues. Two examples which demonstrate the fresh approach we bring are the sculpture workshop for directors where they invested time discussing issues whist getting to know each other better through the creation of a sculpture. It was a stimulating and highly effective process that enabled them to cut though to key issues.

When we were tasked to work with a team to enable them to consider the Arup brand we brought them to their senses! In a workshop a cross divisional team fromArup were asked to select materials that would have a Taste, Feel, Smell, Look, and Sound – the team had flavours and fabrics – they had perfumes and foods – they had music and sound effects.

Presented with the challenge to present their brand through the senses the team became deeply engaged in debates around what the brand meant to them on a deeper level and using more refreshing language. The materials including such things as sparklers and chocolate and lemons and music enabled the team to move away from the normal corporate language – one of the insights was that Arupwas “fizzing with intelligence” one of the most powerful internal branding statements we have ever encountered and one that would not have been created without the stimulus of a pack of sparklers.

We have designed and run workshops on a wide range of topics from teamwork and creative thinking, to successful bidding, considering their brand proposition and conversations about the management of highly intelligent and creative people.

Working with Arup we are inspired to continually create new and exciting ways to train, engage, support and nudge their highly intelligent teams giving them new ways to think and the time and opportunity to do just that. 

When you work with the most creative and intelligent people in the world it is always exciting and they inspire us to continually grow our skills and services to support them.

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