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About us

think has had some exceptional success since it began in the UK in 2006. Now, think is unleashing extraordinary, transformational and sustainable innovation in businesses all around the world through a network of unique innovation management professionals. We believe people have ideas, not companies. Making innovation work well requires effort and dedication. Innovation is about the integration of people and systems – with people first! Neutral facilitation of the process leads to trust – engaging people, building relationships and networks.

Do you ever take the time to think?

Left Brain

Access this article and lots more great content

Right Brain

Do you ever use your left or your right brain to think?

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is the biggest lever of innovation success. Innovation is the number one lever of profitable growth.

Offices in 4 countries

We exist to help every individual, and every team, be the very best they can be. Because good people make a great business. We create intrepreneurs.

Best selling books

The think team has two best selling Books, unique IP, e-learning platform of tools and techniques.